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  • Amnesia Ibiza

    Amnesia is one of the most famous night clubs you can find in Ibiza. This is a place for those who love the luxury and who enjoy meeting celebrities from all over the globe (Naomi Campbell, Bono, Boy ... View Venue
  • Space Ibiza

    Space is all about music. We can assure that all the most important international DJs have visited Space. But we must remember that one of the main reasons for this great success of Space has been the... View Venue
  • Privilege

    If you like XL clubs, then you have to visit Privilege at least once. Located in Ibiza, an island which is famous for its large nightclubs, this is one of the largest venues in the world. The buildin... View Venue
  • Gatecrasher Ibiza

    After thrilling clubland for 18years with legendary events, award winning albums and dance floor domination, Gatecrasher really has something to celebrate and this time they are doing it in style! Exp... View Venue
  • Pacha Ibiza

    Who doesn’t know Pacha? The first Pacha night club was established in 1967 in Sitges, a few kilometers away from Barcelona. It was on 1973 that Pacha arrived in Ibiza. Now, there are locations all o... View Venue
  • MOMA Ibiza

    Moma was established as recently as June 2013, but it has a large history behind it. The club is located where the Garbí club used to reside, on the low floor of the Garbí Hotel. This venue is right... View Venue
  • Club Punta Arabi

    Club Punta Arabi is much more than a night club; it is a complete resort created for fun and happiness. In Club Punta Arabi, you can enjoy a lot of leisure activities, from swimming in the pool (by th... View Venue