Monegros Desert Festival at The desert of Monegros

Sat Jul 19 2014 - Sun Jul 20 2014 - 0:00 - 0:00
Fraga, Spain
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About Monegros Desert Festival

With hundreds of EDM festivals held throughout the world, it can be hard to stand out. That’s not a problem for the Monegros Desert Festival. This annual event is not a festival in the traditional sense – it does not have a single venue, or even a single city in which it takes place. Instead it spans the entire Monegros Desert with multiple cities and locations taking place.

The festival began as a meeting of club regulars from Florida 135 , was first held in 1994 and today has become one of the most important events in European electronic culture.With an average attendance of 45,000, this is an event that affects the entire area. Cities such as Lleida , Zaragoza and Huesca and will see their hotel rooms fill to capacity as the festival date draws nearer.

Caravans from one city to the next can be booked, and festival goers have an unparalleled combination of events to choose from. If they feel like a chill, house music evening they’re set – if they feel like dubstep, they just need to visit a town over.









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