Mysteryland USA at Bethel Woods, NY

Fri May 22 2015 - Sun May 24 2015 - 1:00 - 2:00
200 Hurd Rd
Bethel, NY 12720 United States
Website: Tickets Here

About Mysteryland USA

The longest running music festival made its debut in the United States in 2014. Spanning several days, the festival takes a multi-faceted approach to traditional music events.  It will provide guests with a complete experience that encompasses music, theatre, art, street performances, and spectacular shows using high-end visual technology. The festival is all about offering a complete mini-vacation package that is sure to trigger nostalgia once you leave!

In the purest essence, Mysteryland is an electronic music festival; the additional attractions were added throughout the years. The organizers pay considerable attention to the selection of musical talent for the festival. Talent offerings are all about discovery with Mysteryland. Along with the top performers in the electronic music scene, the event promoters travel across the globe in search of previously undiscovered acts. The festival enables such performers to gain international recognition on an expedited basis.

Mysteryland is planned to be held in the picturesque Bethel Woods, NY.  It provides the perfect setting for a weekend of pure fun! The festival promises to deliver a mixture of styles that have made the series of festivals a huge hit in the global electronic music scene.









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