Sunscape Festival at Ramla Bay

Fri Jul 22 2016 - Sun Jul 24 2016 - 0:00 - 0:00
Ras il-Bajjad, Xlendi, Gozo
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About Sunscape Festival

“Sunscape is sunshine, colors, music and magical connections”
An escape from the ordinary to a mystical island known as Gozo.

On the island where time stands still, tucked away between ancient cliffs, behold a magical gathering celebrating contemporary music and performance. A playful exercise in the art of living and being co-creators in our own experience.

Sunscape is a place to party; free our minds; learn and be inspired.
A haven for us to enjoy the outdoors, make new friends and transform ourselves. It’s a time to push limits and discover new ones or a moment to dance beneath a starry sky.

A musical happening infused with self expression, performance and lifestyle activities. Various music label showcases, international djs, live acts, after parties – Over 9 areas and boat parties






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