10 Days Off at Vooruit Arts Centre

Thu Jul 17 2014 - Sun Jul 27 2014 - 11:00 - 0:00
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
Ghent, 9000 Belgium
Website: http://www.10daysoff.be/Get Tickets Here

About 10 Days Off

The 20th edition of 10 Days Off will be the very last. It’s been quite a ride! From the Red Tape Building to the bowling, the ICC, the Eskimo factory and, of course, the different rooms of the beloved Kunstencentrum Vooruit. 10 Days Off: The Last Waltz. 10 more nights.

10 Days Off began as 10 Days Of Techno in 1995. A couple of years later the name was changed to 10 Days Off and since then all genres of electronic music could be seen, heard and experienced at the festival.

10 Days Off does not have a field stuffed with tens of thousands of people on it, but instead is an indoor festival with a capacity of 1000 people every night. Call it 10 club nights in a row.

The festival has become a landmark in the international electronic music scene with its own character and style built on its pioneering decisive choice to book the most relevant talent in electronic music. 

The duration (10 days), location (indoor, in the beloved beautiful building of the Vooruit Arts Centre) and the period (during the Ghent City Festivities) add a bunch of extras to the festival and the experience for its visitors.

At 10 Days Off, innovative contemporary artists perform alongside timeless established top names and talented young Belgian music makers. We aim for a line-up that is adventurous, attractive, challenging and fresh. Made for clubbers, but also guiding festival goers to new discoveries and giving chances to new genres and sounds.







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