Volt Festival at Sopron, Hungary

Wed Jul 02 2014 - Sun Jul 06 2014 - 0:00 - 0:00
Kőszegi út 35. Sopron 9400
Sopron, Hungary
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About Volt Festival

VOLT Festival is situated in Sopron, one of the most beautiful Hungarian cities and a beloved touristic destination with several pubs, taverns and restaurants. The festival venue is close to the Hungarian-Austrian border, only 60 kms from Vienna and 80 kms from Bratislava.

Although VOLT attracts over 100 000 fans each year, it still managed to maintain a special ’family’ atmosphere. This is the right place to meet open-minded and friendly youngsters, all in love with music. The event offers approx. 10 stages with over 150 performers and a number of quality lounges, bars, cafes, restaurants – all built up in the middle of a green forest.

VOLT is a festival with great traditions, celebrating its 21st edition this year. The event is proud to present international stars in several genres, ranging from pop/rock to alternative, metal, folk/world, jazz or electronica.







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