20 Hertz Club

Piazzale delle Nazioni 1
Cattolica, 05 95024 Italy
+39 393 600 4060

About 20 Hertz Club

An upcoming destination for people who are passionate about house and techno music, 20 Hertz Club is a box of new ideas and an authentic club dedicated to cool sounds. Open on Friday night and only during the winter time and set in the Cattolica’s Le Navi Park, the venue is a significant structure located inside a deconsecrated church built in the 30s by the architect Romano Clemente Busiri Vici, one of the greatest representatives of the Italian Futuristic movement. The events are produced as music reviews with a total of four to six events a year, depending on the availability. Promoters and residents of these nights are some of the best Italian DeeJays and producers, like Margot, Buck, Sandro Russo, Pepe, Roberto Clementi, Francesco Bonora, Limo, Giaga Robot, and Simbiosi. Since 2008, the event Party Underground in Riviera was launched, promoted by Ngdm Electronic Entertainment.



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Website: http://www.ngdm.net





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