Rua Augusta, 3000
Sao Paulo, 27 01412 Brazil
+55 11 4328-3001
Price : $$$ (Expensive)

About Ballroom

Debutantes in flowing gowns and soft curls dance gracefully across the floor, corsages made of white lily and jasmine fuel the air with a sweet essence of youth and the music flows elegantly across the hall; that’s pretty much what we all envision when thinking about the quintessential ballroom fit for a sparkling princess! The Ballroom in all its finery is no different from that of your imagination; it’s eternally beautiful and has an enchanting aura that hypnotizes you and sends you reeling back in the Victorian era of modishness and grace. Evergreen like Audrey Hepburn and forever glowing like Grace Kelly the Ballroom is a place where you’ll visit your youth like never before.

It has a vibe that is sugary yet spicy in a naughty way, a lounge by venue this place glows from within and reaches straight to your soul. Like glitter icing on profiteroles this place has a vibe that is unsullied from the reality of life.



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