Giulianova, Italy


Novavita nightclub was founded in Giulianova in 1993. The building was a cinema in the ‘30s and has been renovated maintaining that cool and unique feeling. It first started as a smaller disco-bar, but due to its success the owner decided to transform it into a proper nightclub and discotheque. Since then it has been hosting events and nights for an adult and wide public, earning a pretty decent reputation around this area. The clientele of Novavita, in fact, come mostly from Abruzzo (where Giulianova is) but also from adjacent regions like Marche and Molise.
During the years the nightclub has kept up with the design trends of the moment, and today it showcases a nice combination of light effects that immediately set the mood at the entrance. Novavita is not a very big venue, but has played this characteristic to its favor by describing its limited capacity as a way to assure a selected crowd and more of an elitist ambient. Quality over dimension is, it would seem, the mantra of the club. The venue is developed over several floors with two rooms dedicated to different music (and both equipped with DJ set) and a dining/wine tasting room.


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