Cotton Club Lleida

ctra. de la Vall d' Aran Km 0.7
Lérida, Spain
+973 22 14 24

About Cotton Club Lleida

Cotton Club brings you a wide variety of events that you are sure to enjoy. During the summer, the club moves to “La torre del Cotton” (The Tower of the Cotton), an open air space located a few kilometers away from the club itself, with a lot of chill-out space, sofas, and palm trees. There you can enjoy connoisseur cocktails served by experienced bartenders. During the winter the club goes back to normality and it brings you live concerts and DJ sessions. During the regular season (the winter), every Saturday you will enjoy the “Guateque” party, a revival party with a flair of the sixties and tones of retro fun. You will probably not find the top hits you hear on the radio at Cotton Club DJ sessions. This is a club where alternative pop rock is the main music and the people visiting the club are dressed in a casual yet modern way. This is a place for people around 30 years old who still have a very young spirit, but who know what they like.  You’ll hear Love of Lesbian, Dorian, Iván Ferreiro or Fermín Muguruza inside Cotton Club’s walls.


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