Kottendorfer Strasse 21
Solingen, 42697 Germany
+49 212 715 45

About Getaway

More than 30 years in the service of entertainment, Getaway is the oldest club in North Rhine-Westphalia and one of the five oldest in all Germany. If you have been here in the past, chances are high that you might stumble over an old-known face in the well-mixed crowd in their 20’s to 40’s.

Sporting two floors on the same level, you can either chill out or dance to electronic music on a smaller floor, or alternatively dance to more mainstream music on the larger floor.

The venue holds anything from mixed comedy shows with locally renowned stand-up comedians to event nights such as “Reggae Reunion” or “U30”, which is tailored to everybody above 30. Whether it be Pop, Rock, Alternative, Minimal, House or Techno, there’s something to choose from for everybody.

Although “Getaway” might not be able to compete with big city clubs, it has something special to offer in its own right.


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