Grüne Rakete

Domfreihof 1B
Trier, 54290 Germany
+49 152 538 233 31

About Grüne Rakete

In 2011, Trier’s club for art and culture has launched a cultural platform for various events enriching the city’s landscape. Whether it be the support of niche music, theatre plays, workshops, live gigs, readings or exhibitions – far away from mainstream thinking the philosophy is to help independent artists and musicians to create room for culture in the heart of town.

“Grüne Rakete”, across the dome and easily accessible by foot, is a home to different styles of music that do not always find a home somewhere else. From Goth to Reggae and Dancehall, Oldschool HipHop to Drum’n’Bass and Dubstep, 80s Balkan Beats to Swing and Ghetto Funk, Detroit Techno to House, Indietronics to Postpunk, the list of music played in the landmarked “Palais Walderdorff” is endless and truly unique at the same time.
If your heart beats to “the music less travelled”, you should definitely feel home at “Grüne Rakete”.


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