Indie Club

Via dei Cosmonauti 51/bis
Cervia (RA), 05 48015 Italy
+39 340 06 45 280

About Indie Club

Indie Club is a nightclub in Cervia catering to a younger target. Once known as Aceto Divino (divine vinegar) and Dejavù, Indie Club is right near Milano Marittima in Pinarella di Cervia. The club is open every Saturday in summer as well as in winter. It plays house and commercial music, a beat that can entertain young people and fans of that genres. The venue is also known as Indie Pop Fashion Club, a name that suggests all the characteristic of the place. It’s a young nightclub that inspires to be fun and glamorous and that has chosen originality as its mission. Every night Indie Club offers a restyled scenery with new performances and several “in” DeeJays. From house and commercial music, played in the main rooms, to ‘70/’80 music, rock and Italian hits played in the secondary room.

Indie Club has four rooms, each dedicated to a different sound (house, electro, pop, rock, afro, Brazilian, etc) and with its own DeeJay. The staff is professional and includes waiters, bartenders, security and wardrobe attendants.


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