Corato, 13 Italy

About Jubilee

Jubilee has lately been completely restyled by the world-famous Milanese architect Beppe Riboli, known for often working in the nightclub filed. Founded in 1993, this hotel-slash-nightclub-slash-restaurant-slash-lounge is completely dedicated to the theme “music” and offers three different sections that work as separate clubs, a restaurant and, of course, several bedrooms.
The main hall is called Public and it’s a very big area dedicated to DJ sets and live performances. Public hosts any sort of event and show, from international DeeJays to rock bands and pop singers.
The Papero Club is the second section and represents the private VIP area of the venue. A fashion-oriented room that aims at attracting a selected and adult target completes the club. The space is very well conceived in every detail, from the furniture to the mood. Being more of a reserved area, it is suitable for private parties, for example companies that want to entertain and impress a group of clients. The music played in Papero Privé reflects its atmosphere with a more sophisticated and trendy beat.
Last but not least (or maybe yes) Sala & Tabacchi is the area that plays black and urban sounds.


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Dress Code: Club Attire

Website: http://www.jubileehotelclub.it


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