KitKat Club

Köpenicker Strasse 76
Berlin, 10179 Germany
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About KitKat Club

The KitKat Club is a notorious institution in Berlin, and it is said to attract visitors from all over Europe and even other parts of the world because of its music selection and its sexually uninhibited parties. The club’s motto is “Do what you want but stay in communication”, which could be anything from sharing the dancefloor or more intimate moments – openly at the venue, so to speak.

The ambiance is as friendly and familiar as it can get with an unofficial dress code “excluding casual wear only” amongst a more fetish, latex, leather, kinky and glamour oriented style, required and reinforced.

Three dancefloors and an outdoor pool area, which is decorated with ultra-violet light and fluoro paintings by Berlin based painter “Der Träumer”, invite a both hetero- and homosexual crowd.

In recent years the club has become more unruly and shifted its focus primarily towards music and dancing. Despite its original profile of classical and Goa Trance, the owners have opened up to a wider palette of electronic music, creating the infamous “KittySound” of Berlin with a record label as platform.

A party classic is Saturday’s “CarneBall Bizarre” with a colourful mix of patrons partying straight into Sunday’s “Afterhour”. Definitely one of a kind!


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