La Loka

Paseo del muro, 2
Gijon, 34 Spain

About La Loka

La Loka is a nightclub created by the owners of La Loka productions, and it is a funny, sensual, sophisticated and versatile venue. This is a place for enjoying two things: electro dance music and refined cocktails prepared by expert bartenders. The decoration changes monthly. If you wonder why, that’s simple, because it is crazy (“loca” is the Spanish word for “crazy”). Located in the very heart of the old town of Gijón, this club is well-known both by the locals and by the tourists visiting the city. The club is right in front of the beach, and it’s opened on Fridays and Saturdays until 6 am. This is a place for endless fun, where you will meet lots of people who adore electro music and who come in there looking for the thrilling sessions on the program. The avant-gardist and minimalistic aspect is a way to express the lifestyle the owners are intending to promote. You will also find intimate lounge areas if you want to take a rest, but you must know that people visiting La Loka are not looking for a relaxed night out, but for a sparkling night out that will leave you almost exhausted.


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