Level 2 Lounge

11607 Jasper Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5K 0m9 Canada
+1 780-447-4495
Hours of Operation : Thu Fri Sat: 21:30 - 2:30

About Level 2 Lounge

It’s chic, it’s elegant and it’s totally delicious! Level 2 Lounge knows how to make an impactful presence in all the ways possible and more. Replete with service and VIP treatment that is well fit for a king; this place knows and understands the needs of that entire walk through the heavy encased glass doors. The interior, like the music here, is something to truly reckon with; heavy monochromatic fixtures and fittings, this place knows how to bring the best out in everyone and anyone who decides to come here. Replete with a promise of giving you an absolutely great time, Level 2 Lounge is a class apart.

Get enthralled by the mere feel of the place and mingle in a way that will truly bring out the true diva within you. Level 2 Lounge – a definite hot spot amongst teens and students who aim to unwind after a treacherous week of studying and cramming for the next pop quiz!



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Dress Code: Casual

Website: http://www.level2.ca




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