Rembertiring 1
Bremen, 28195 Germany
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About Lightplanke

The opening of Lightplanke in Bremen’s trendy “Steintor” district has given all friends of electronic music a new home. The small basement club and bar has a very loyal group of followers, often dancing through until after hours.  New arrivals who all seem to be dance-enthusiasts will often mix in as well.

As per the club’s motto, Lightplanke focuses on “openness, elves and trolls, colours, black light, art and electronic music.”  With the emphasis on the latter, a range of electronic music is featured, such as house, techno, drum & bass, dubstep, nudisco, breakbeats and hip-hop. Local DJs usually play on the sound systems which include the German institution Silly Walks.

Lightplanke’s heart is quite obviously beating to the cause of offering a free platform to either DJs, artists, musicians or “origami masters” as long as it enriches the club’s spectrum of color and diversity.

Partying at Lightplanke is not only about exotic lassis, teas, or “sensatronic spacedrinks” complementing the drink menu, and it’s not just another place to spend your weekend.  It is the club’s open and tolerant mission that sets Lightplanke apart from the rest. It’s about enjoying good music and great sound, partying in style as well as taking a stand as a human being through music, and simply having a great time: free of class, skin color or gender.

A place not to be missed, should you be nearby.


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