LS Live

128 York St
Ottawa, ON K1N5T5 Canada
+1 613-720-2142

About LS Live

Live in the moment, love every bit of yourself and just be glad that you can get away from it all. LS Live is the kind of place that is like the ultimate getaway spot that focuses on fun and frivolity. Enjoy it and love it, because you simply can’t resist going here on a boring Saturday night. If you like to party then we suggest that you savor each moment because time spent here will be truly missed once you decide to leave this place.

The décor is that of minimalist nature and the sole focus here is on the general ambiance which is casual, yet chic at the same time. We adore this place for all the right reasons and are totally convinced that you won’t feel any differently once you walk through the doors of LS Live.


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Dress Code: Club Attire





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