MJQ Concourse

736 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306‎ United States
+1 404 870-0575
Hours of Operation : Wed Sat: 21:00 - 3:00; Fri: 22:00 - 3:00
Price : $ (Inexpensive)

About MJQ Concourse

Years ago, MJQ Concourse (or just MJQ to locals) was the tiny little punk bar and venue in the basement of the Ponce Hotel. Today, it’s the hip, indy rock, electro, dance fever venue just a few blocks East, across the street, built into an old underground garage. When entering the club, guests tromp down an enclosed incline, then get the choice of going right or left. To the left, the main room opens up, with a wrap-around bar in the center, booths lining the perimeter, and a dance floor at the far end. To the right, they can make their way over to the Café side, also known as the “hip hop room”, “the break dancing room”, or “the chillout room”, depending on the night, the DJ, and the crowd. The Café side is smaller and more intimate, though it also has its own bar, so that guests don’t have to run back and forth all night to get their drinks.

Off the back of the Café side, MJQ Concourse’s sister venue, The Drunken Unicorn, adjoins. The Drunken Unicorn has its own door, and regular club goers are not admitted into Drunken Unicorn shows without paying a cover. However, anyone who’s paid to get into the Drunken Unicorn also has the run of the rest of MJQ for the evening, too, if the club is open.

Music ranges from all kinds of electro to punk, hip hop, and indy rock. The drinks are cheap, ranging from $3-7, but the bars are cash only. An ATM is available inside.


More Info

Dress Code: Casual

Website: http://thedrunkenunicorn.net/






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