Gräfenhäuserstrasse 75 - 85
Darmstadt, 64293 Germany
+49 6151 957 997

About Musikpark

With 2,500 square meters in size, Musikpark is the largest nightclub in Darmstadt, offering several dance floors and chill areas to choose from. On three levels, you can dance to the best of house, electro, hip-hop and classics from the 80s and 90s. A gigantic laser show at midnight seems to get the crowd worked up and the party really started.

Eight bars, providing a large selection of slightly pricier drinks on regular nights, can easily keep up with any drink order, no matter how busy the venue. If you are on a budget, don’t despair–frequent promotions on pretty much every event help even the smallest shoestring to stay tipsy throughout the night.

The entrance fee of 8 Euros is above local standard, but if you pick a special event, you might get in on a discounted rate or even score a freebie.

With numerous additional events being held on school holidays, the club attracts a younger mix of people.  The demographic is predominantly located somewhere between 18 and 25, but you’ll often also find partygoers beyond that age group in the crowd.

Avoid violating the dress code by leaving tracksuits, camouflage pants, ripped jeans and singlets at home, and you’ll be granted access to Darmstadt’s biggest amusement temple.


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