Carretera de la Almunia
Zaragoza, 50290 Spain

About OBBE

Obbe is a night club located in the very heart of Zaragoza, where the most important clubs are. This is a medium sized club which mostly attracts young people, usually under 30. Obbe is famous for two things: its DJ sessions and its foam parties. The DJ sessions are orchestrated by the management, composed by experts on electro and dance music who always achieve to get the latest beats to the club. Foam parties take part quite often and they are a great point of interest for those young people visiting. Obbe is definitely a meeting point for young music lovers who are in the mood for partying. It has one single dance floor and one bar counter and some curious elements on the decoration. The walls, painted with Fluor colors, is the sign of identity for this club. The dance floor is large enough to dance without feeling compressed, but not too big to get lost in. Bar service is a classic one, with good and smiling bartenders all over and drinks at a good price.


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