Orus Cafe

viale Trieste 31/33/35
Cagliari, 14 Italy
+39 070.2356338

About Orus Cafe

Orus Cafè is a bar, nightclub and restaurant in Cagliari near Piazza del Carmine, a central area of the city. The venue has passed through several owners, but under the guidance of the last one it has been relaunched as a sophisticated and trendy place, also as a nightclub. It’s a big venue with quite a characteristic architecture, and it’s divided into two levels: the main room on the ground floor and a second room underground. The club offers many services: breakfast, lunch, tea room, cocktails, happy hour, wine bar, buffet, steak house, weekend party, DJ set and private parties. At Orus Cafè the night begins after 10 pm, thanks to the performances of a DJ set managed by various DeeJays of the city. While the ground floor is dedicated to a more tranquil clientele which wants to have a nice conversation while drinking a cocktail, the underground floor takes the name of “Club & Underground” and was recently restructured to increase the capacity in order to be able to host parties and events with music and a dancefloor. In the evening the club starts its Happy Hour with buffet: a wide choice of finger food and modernized traditional cuisine.


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Dress Code: Club Attire

Website: http://www.oruscafe.it



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