Via Castel Del Monte 188 (BA)
Bari, 13 Italy
+39 0808987028

About Public

Public is a big nightclub, here you can find a huge 15 x 6 meters permanent stage (the biggest in Puglia) that works as a suitable location for a series of events such as DJ sets and live performances. It’s a platform dedicated to a heterogeneous and progressive clientele, people with different tastes in music and that are not afraid, from time to time, to try something new. Thanks to its dimension and its atmosphere, Public is able to host any type of event and show, from international DeeJays to rock bands and pop singers. The night club is, in fact, well known in Bari for some pretty decent live performances and for often introducing worldwide famous DeeJays and guests.

The main area is occupied by a wide LED wall, used to create special effects with lights and video projections. Public was the first club in south Italy to get this technology. In addition to the big vault that stands out several meters above the people’s heads, the cement beams and the structures of what before was a industrial warehouse have being left in view and accomplish to create an underground mood. Big spotlights spread laser and other stenographic elements. (c) 2013 MWFC

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