Sala El Tren

Carretera de Málaga 136, Nave 7
Granada, 18015 Spain

About Sala El Tren

The Sala El Tren is a concert hall in Granada that was established in 2002 in order to promote emerging bands and soloists from the city and from all over the country. This is mostly a place for live concerts and is intended to be a cultural space and a meeting point for people with the same interests. This is not a very large venue, but the hall has a top quality sound system and it brings some great music experiences. They program some DJ sessions that complete the range of activities you can enjoy there. DJ sessions in this hall are not mainstream at all and many times they are dedicated to alternative / indie music. This is a medium sized venue with no excessive lighting effects nor a frizzling decoration, but definitely with a great program that will delight music lovers. This is a place for young people with a casual lifestyle and a relaxed mood. El Tren might be a modest venue, but it has the two most important elements: good music and good acoustics.


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Dress Code: Club Attire



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