4343 North 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013 United States
+1 602 513-2238
Hours of Operation : Wed Fri Sat: 21:30 - 2:00
Price : $ (Inexpensive)

About Sanctum

Located in Phoenix’s artsy Melrose neighborhood and known as “one of the busiest dancefloors in town, “Sanctum” is not your typical run of the mill nightclub. The club makes an impressive statement with its dark and mysterious Gothic cathedral style, complemented by erotic and pagan artwork, chandeliers over the bar, carpeted bleachers, as well as tapestries and glass windows adorning the walls.

Gargoyles are gazing down from lofty perches, whilst electric candles are creating an authentic atmosphere for the dark revelers of the night. As various as the friendly and open crowd, clad in anything from romantic corsets, fetish-inspired PVC to kilts and Rock-shirts, seems to be the insignificance of sexual preferences, which can feel liberating in a place like “Sanctum”.

You can recline on the plush leather couches whilst sipping your cocktails, have a conversation on one of the chaise lounges in the dark little alcoves or show off your moves on the dancefloor, illuminated by a huge back-lit Gothic style window. Local and resident DJs alike play anything from Goth, Industrial, New Wave, 80s/90s to EBM, with Fetish events and theme nights such as the “Venetian Masquerade” rounding up an already diverse event rider. This is the place to be for friends of Joy Division, Combichrist, NIN, Depeche Mode and She Wants Revenge, just to name a few.

Plus: the bartenders apparently make a mean Gin & Tonic and have a pretty well-stocked bar for any other (strong) drinks you might fancy, naturally Goth-themed such as the “Blood of the Martyr”.

If you need an affordable break from the city’s trendy, sleek nightclubs and are in the mood for “alternative”, this is a “hell of a place” to spend the night at.

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