Via Industrie, 25
Foligno (PG), 18 06037 Italy
+39 0742 67 311

About Serendipity

Serendipity is a Zen-oriented club where relaxing meets fun and good music. The venue is a modular space created to host various forms of art and to guarantee a place where creativity and new trends can be experimented with and experienced. The club is spread over three halls set in an ambient designed featuring an industrial vibe. The main room is called Play Room and is equipped to host live events and DJ sets, concerts and theatrical performances. When the Jazz Club is on, the dancefloor is used as a restaurant. The mood is set by the led wall on the right end of the room that creates light effects and shapes that lead to the other sections of the club. A bar is right at the entrance of the Play Room, allowing to have a drink without having to leave the dancefloor. The second room is the Rec Room. Recognizable by the installation by Moneyless, it’s a more private and intimate area with warm lights and a green lawn as a dancefloor. This room hosts both DJ sets and live performances. The final area is dedicated to relax and, in fact, is called Pause Room. Here you can meet with friends and take a break from the adrenaline rush. Sofas, chairs and suffused lights, it’s just made for relaxing. To help you enjoying these moments of peace, a big and well stocked bar is right there for your convenience.


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