The North Door

501 N I H 35
Austin, TX 78702 United States
+1 512 485-3011
Price : $ (Inexpensive)

About The North Door

Expect nothing but kick-ass rock music and top DJs from all across the globe only here at The North Door. Celebrate your best parties, poetry readings as well as other events right here.  There’s ample space for you to party and get your groove on so have a fun time only here at The North Door!

While East Austin continues to establish itself as a powerhouse hub of art and modern culture, there is probably no better representation of that spirit at work, than at 501 studios . The community of businesses has created it’s own ecosystem of sorts, and produced great things. One of these great things is The North Door. Built in the former soundstage of 501 studios the venue prides itself on its large accommodations, and seating capacity. Also with the venue being built into a former soundstage, it is almost without rival acoustically speaking. A spacious mainstage can play host to a musician or a full band with ease, and the space was essentially built to screen films.

That’s probably why the owners saw fit to maintain some of the theater appeal, in keeping the 25 foot HD projection wall, coupled with projector. But it’s not all show and fluff. The North Door is host to a bar that offers a serious array of cocktails, craft beers, and other specialties and spirits. Trying to pin down the venues musical offerings may be a little harder than anything about The North Door however. You are just as likely to catch a hip hop or indie show here, as you are likely to catch a screening of an arthouse flick or a documentary. The ownership pride themselves on keeping the calendar stocked with events that are eclectic, fun, and unexpected. While it may still be possible to catch the errant residency here and there you should come prepared for the unexpected.


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