The Rainbow Warehouse

160 Digbeth High Street
Birmingham, England B120LD United Kingdom
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About The Rainbow Warehouse

The Rainbow Venues incorporate a pub, garden, and warehouse. The warehouse is its largest venue and delivers exactly what you would expect; a large bare room where people come to party hard.

Famed for all-day long after-party sessions and bringing in big names across the electronic music genre, the Warehouse is also the Rainbow’s most famous venue. While the pub is often utilized as a second room, when people like the Artful Dodger, Shonky, or Dyed Soundorum are playing, the shows are held in the warehouse where the decks are located.

Expect a huge sound system and vibrating walls and windows, and a crowd that likes to get messy. Leave your ego at home and leave with your footwear covered in grime. Check the listings as sometimes the warehouse isn’t open, and nights only take place in the Rainbow Pub.

Whichever Rainbow Venue you come to you can expect a down-to-earth party atmosphere, and when you come to the warehouse it’s going to continue all night long.


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