The Silver Centre Event Hall

10710 Pendleton Pike Suites C
Indianapolis, IN 46236 United States
+1 317 826-3872
Capacity : 550

About The Silver Centre Event Hall

The Silver Centre is an event space that holds many galas, conventions, conferences, and parties in the Lawrence, Indiana area. One of the most interesting aspects of this venue is that you’ll never know what to expect! There are numerous spaces within the building, and depending on which room has been rented, and what the promoters and designers have done with the place, you could have an entirely different experience than anyone has had there before – or will have their again.

Typical events held at the Silver Centre including weddings, CD release parties, dance parties, and private parties. Some events simply use the stage and couches the venue has available to rent, while others bring in all their own couches, tables, and decorations. The space does have a strict closing time of midnight Monday through Wednesday and 1 AM on Thursday through Sunday, so if you’re lucky enough to snag an invite to a VIP party here, you may want to find an after party.


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Dress Code: Club Attire






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