Köpenicker Strasse 70
Berlin, 10179 Germany
+49 30 695 377 20
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About Tresor

Opened shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Tresor club represents a piece of Berlin’s techno history and is a relict from the older days when Techno was still young, colourful and a novelty. It is credited for having started the Techno scene in Germany, for hosting Techno grandeurs like Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram and Juan Atkins quite regularly and for running a significant label discovering many talents as well as the “Birth of Detroit Techno”.

Closed for 2 years, it is nowadays located in an unassuming building in one of Berlin’s many factories – pretty ordinary during the day, but buzzing at night.

Access to the basement of the former power plant is via a concrete corridor down to the smaller basement or up a heavy duty steel staircase to the other floor – perfect setting for some industrial clubbing. It’s a big venue, lots of seating and a clear soundsystem, delivering rumbling bass and a constant thud of music. The musical focus still is and will probably always be Techno, although it is enhanced with a little bit of House and Drum’n’Bass here and there.

It attracts a more mainstream and younger crowd that happily pays 15 Euros to experience a throwback rave and a great night out.

Tresor’s golden years might seem like a memory of the past, but it still gives new kids on the block a run for their money. The crowds still come in the early hours of the morning and don’t leave well into the day, dancing away to new beats and some really great old Techno classics.


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