Up & Down

Av. Doctor Marañón, nº17
Barcelona, Spain Spain
+34 93 448 61 15

About Up & Down

Up & Down is a new concept on night clubs. It has five separate rooms, with five different ambiances. Furthermore, it is not only a night club; it’s also a restaurant, a lounge area, and a private area. The Up Room hosts the cocktail bar and a magnificent restaurant dedicated to creative a menu. The Down room is the largest one, and it hosts the main dance floor and the private suites, which offer you the highest privacy and the best customer care, with their own bar, an exclusive décor, individual bathroom, restoration services, and a separate entrance (perfect if you’re looking for total privacy). The VIP rooms are equipped with lounge elements, including sofas, and a plethora of exclusive services. Finally, the Terrace is perfect for smokers, for those who are in the mood for open air venues and for anyone who loves the Mediterranean way of life. With those exclusive spaces, Up & Down is a different clubbing experience, where you’ll be able to enjoy great DJ sessions with the ambiance that best fits your needs. Up & Down is a club that makes luxury come true, with a modern, avant-gardist decoration and high-level sound equipment. @MWFC2013

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Dress Code: Club Attire

Website: http://www.upanddownbarcelona.com


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