30 Northeast 14th Street
Miami, FL 33132 United States
+1 305 379-0508
Hours of Operation : Tue: 22:00 - 3:00; Thu Fri Sat: 22:00 - 5:00
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About Vagabond

If you have ever been misled by the name of this place, then you should know that there is nothing shabby about how this place looks. As a matter of fact, it looks actually classy and stylish, but it is far from being pretentious (both when it comes to interior décor and when it comes to the general atmosphere). Although this place is mainly targeted at a “hipster” crowd, almost anyone is welcomed here, regardless of style or music taste.

Music is actually quite eclectic, mainly because this nightclub offers three arenas (dancing spaces and lounge areas) that will cover almost every music genre, from rock to dance, from hip-hop to electro and nue-dance. Furthermore, the club also organizes live performances quite frequently and local, national and international artists are invited.

The pricing is, generally speaking, average. Entry fee is around $10, parking spot can cost you around $5 and drinks will cost around $5-$7 (depending on their type and on the hour). Furthermore, a bottle of vodka can cost anything between $250 and $275, a bottle of rum can go up to $275, a bottle of the most expensive tequila is $300 and a bottle of whiskey cannot go beyond $300 as well.


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