Album Preview: John Digweed & Nick Muir’s “The Traveler”

There are some partnerships that should never be disassembled, such as peanut butter and jelly, cake and icing or John Digweed and Nick Muir. In the case of the latter, it’s hard to say who exactly is the cake and who is the icing. Frankly, we really don’t care all that much – the two continue to be a pretty sweet deal when it comes to producing music.

Their latest joint venture has resulted in The Traveler, a brand new album that takes its namesake from the famous science fiction trilogy by John Twelve Hawks. Fun fact: Hawks actually wrote the series while listening to Digweed’s mix albums and weekly radio show, Transitions.

“It all started when a copy of the bookm The Travelerm was sent to me from John Twelve Hawks publishers with a letter explaining that John had been listening to my Transitions Radio show while writing the book and wanted me to have a copy as a thank you,” says Digweed. He read the book and loved it, and when Hawks reached out again proposing a collaborative musical project, Digweed agreed.

“We agreed that Nick and myself would attempt a project consisting of music based on passages from the book and after some initial discussions, it was decided that John Twelve Hawks would be the narrator.”

Fittingly, the album is as much the product of Hawk’s imagination as it is Digweed’s and Muir’s. A musical representation of the novel, the album resulted from many years of open dialogue between the author and the producers, and includes recorded passages from the book narrated by Hawk as vocals.

The album itself is a fascinating journey that takes listeners far beyond the typical dancefloor. The music plays out almost like a cinematic score, taking us into the world of Hawk’s characters in a unique sonic experience.

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The Traveler Track List

1. First Line
2. Live Off the Grid
3. Am I Awake
4. Capoeira
5. Stay In the Present
6. The Traveler
7. The Truth
8. Battle
9. Find the Way
10. Damned By the Flesh
11. 3B3
12. We Are All Connected
13. Last Line

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