Album Review: Adrian Lux Mesmerizes with “Make Out” EP

Adrian Lux is an artist who has managed to stay on my radar for a variety of reasons. First of all, who doesn’t love “Teenage Crime”? Despite having left most of my progressive tastes behind me, that tune is one of the few that still manages to give me goosebumps. If I could watch my life played out to a soundtrack, Adrian Lux’s “Teenage Crime” would be on the album.

Secondly, while his platinum locks and chiseled jawline might resemble those of all the other Swedes making electronic music at the moment, Lux’s sound is anything but cookie-cutter. From deep house to indie-dance influences, it seems we can always expect something truly original from the 28-year old producer. The result is a collection of music that alternates from fabulous poolside listening to big-room-ready dance floor hits.

Thirdly, his Make Out EP is possibly one of the most beautiful compilations I’ve heard all year. Comprised of seven gorgeous tracks, the EP is a shimmering and ethereal story told in song. Bringing a sound that reminds me a bit of Kaskade’s older material (think “Move For Me” and “Steppin’ Out”), Lux takes listeners to the dance floor with more upbeat tunes like “The Rain” and “Wild Child,” before delving into a more deep house sound with “Sooner Or Later” and “Lauren Conrad.” Even the more mainstream tracks, like “Damaged,” raise the energy just enough for a big-room, but not enough to disrupt the EP’s easy flow.

You’ll find no bangers in Make Out, or any dizzying build ups and “epic” drops for that matter. Just pure, solid, good music.

Listen to Adrian Lux feat. Kaelyn Behr, “Sooner or Later (Nora En Pure Remix)” below, and purchase the EP via Ultra Records. ★★★★✩

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