Album Review: Maya Jane Coles & Gaps “In Dark, In Day”

The unlikely pairing of Maya Jane Coles and British duo GAPS has turned out to be the kind of powerhouse collaboration that doesn’t come around often. Apparently, it happened almost by chance. GAPS’s Rachel Butt sent Maya some vocals which the British-Japanese producer fell in love with. The result was a dynamic partnership and the beautiful EP In Dark, In Day that is as unique and diverse as the musical backgrounds of the artists behind it.

The EP marries Maya’s dark, minimal sound with Rachel’s warm voice and partner Ed Critchley’s lush guitar work, creating a gorgeous contrast of elements. The title track is a haunting melody driven gem, while “Never Walk Away” allows the Critchley and Butt’s guitar work to shine, lending itself to a more ethereal sound. “It Rains” rides on a drip of notes and vocals that bleed and flow together in keeping with the title of the track. Finally, the EP closes out with a gorgeous instrumental version of “In Dark, In Day.” ★★★★✩


The album is available now for purchase on Beatport. You’ll be able to find it on all other outlets September 22 via Maya’s own label, I/AM/ME.

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