Andrew Rayel Set to Bring Some Harmony to Pacha August 15

Ok, let’s be real with ourselves. The crowd at Pacha isn’t always the most… well… harmonious at times. Sometimes we’re even the cause of it. It’s usually okay.  At times it can get a little too ratchet and it gets heated in all kinds of ways. Other times, there’s the pack of dudes in suits that seem to be on a work trip that keep standing in open spaces on the floor. Or, the overly done up dude that’s trying too hard to be pretty gets in your face because they don’t understand how packed a NYC dancefloor operates.tumblr_inline_mpl49ehZt11ruk3rs

But other times, Pacha is pretty vibing. From personal experience, trance seems to do it. Whether it’s the most airiest, happiest trance in the world or some killer progressive, trance seems to keep peace on the floor. It pretty much does it anywhere from what most reports say. Works 100 percent of the time (that might be an exaggeration).

That’s why Andrew Rayel and his Find Your Harmony mix of trance is the perfect music to take you through the whole slew of feels that good trance brings. It’ll be hitting hard, it’ll be taking you to the sky. It’ll be awesome. Come out on August 15. Spread the harmony. Bring the good vibes and dance into Saturday morning breakfast. We’ll see you there. Oh, and you can enter to win tickets and a meet-and-greet with Rayel prior to his set here!

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