Please Listen To My Demo! – The A&R’s Job and How To Get Your Music Heard

It’s important to understand that the role of any A&R rep is to find and release most compelling music they can get their hands on. The music a label releases needs to match their vision … [Read more...]

The Producer’s Workflow: Getting in The Creative Zone

“The Zone.” It’s a quirky term but I’m not sure what else to call it, a term I blatantly lifted from something I read in “The Complete Guide To Game Audio” by Aaron Marks. In the book, renowned game … [Read more...]

The Producer’s Workflow: Tips for Managing Creativity

Producing music can be tricky business. Like any creative work, you are forcing yourself to take the most imaginative idea you have in that single moment and turn it into a tangible, real world thing. … [Read more...]

Top 8 VST Plugins For Music Producers (Part 2)

Yesterday we reviewed some of the top VST plugins used in the industry today. In Part 2 we’ll take a look at a few more plugins that round out my studio essentials. DubStation The characteristics of … [Read more...]