Chicago Weekend Preview: August 15 to 17, 2014

DJOYbeat Event Spotlight

Dani Deahl & Porn and Chicken @ Sound Bar (Saturday, August 16)

The perfect pair to come together for a show, Dani Deahl & Porn and Chicken are teaming up for a night of dancing that’ll leave you exhausted until Labor Day. If you haven’t hit up a Porn and Chicken show before, this is the one to attend. Everyone will be on their worst behavior at Sound Bar for some sinful indulgence. Porn and Chicken bring you exactly what their name promises, as well as the best bass you could ask for. Dani Deahl adds her own genre of sexy, as one of the few female DJs that could out shine any man. If you only go out one night this weekend, go to this one. Check out her Beatport chart-topping remix of Armin van Buuren’s “Ping Pong.”

 The Weekend Rundown

Thursday, August 14

MiMoSA @ Sound Bar

Controversial and outspoken, MiMoSA is far more than your mom’s Sunday morning pick-me-up. A diverse DJ with a lot to offer, Mimosa has been worldwide, making dropping the bass seem like child’s play. Sound Bar has everything you’ll need with this one. Hopefully Mimosa doesn’t have one-too-many and flip out on people again.

Overwerk @ The Mid

Canadian producer Overwerk has some epic sound. He commands a large setting without really needing one to make his presence known.┬áHis music can fill a room even at its lowest level, taking any song and making it dirty. If you’re trying to rage, The Mid is usually a good idea. Overwerk at The Mid is genius.

RJ Pickens & Marco Flores @ Spybar

It’s a worldly DJ takeover at Spybar for Thursday night, with RJ Pickens warming us up for the weekend with his smooth grooves and sexy bass. RJ truly knows how to progress throughout his set, making sure to never miss a beat. Marco Flores is also on the decks, adding a spice that anyone can move to. Need something more than the usual beats? Check this one out.

Friday, August 15

Konflikt @ Studio Paris

Is the usual DJ stuff getting old? In need of a little hip-hop? Konflikt is the best of DJ bass and soulful lyrics. You won’t find Konflikt telling you about hustling and gangs; he’s got something to say and is much more entertaining to listen to. Studio Paris is the perfect place to pop bottles and put on your best dancing shoes.

Subb-an @ Spy Bar

Hailing from the drum ‘n’ bass capitol of the world, Subb-an brings his own house feel to the genre that few can top. This UK DJ is coming to Chicago not just because he’s talented, he knows his music will be greatly appreciated in the Midwest. No one gets down like Chicago and Spy Bar is the perfect place to get down to what Subb-an has spinning.

Saturday, August 16

Cedric Gervais & Nathan Scott @ The Mid

Cedric Gervais comes to Chicago from the heat of Miami to warm up this slightly gloomy week we’ve been having over here in the Great Lakes. Clearly influenced by the culture around him, Cedric makes you want to move your feet and flip your hair as you spin on the dancefloor. Paired with Nathan Scott, the Mid is going to be hot Saturday night.

Team Bayside High @ Evil Olive

Looking to get trapped Saturday night? Team Bayside High at Evil Olive is bound to get a little crazy. These guys are known for making you jump around and lose your mind. Letting go in the craziness is exactly what Team Bayside High is here to help you achieve. Grab your buddies and check out Evil Olive.

Sunday, August 17

Derrick Carter @ Smart Bar

Chicago DJ Derrick Carter is the best Sunday DJ. He makes you move, but also keeps it real. His house influences shine through in the best way possible. Paired with some disco and boom, Sunday Funday! Smart Bar is no stranger to great times. If you’re still not ready to stop dancing, this is your Sunday closeout.

There you have it, folks. Your weekend rundown with the best from around Chicago and around the world. There’s something for everyone this weekend, from hip-hop to dubstep to disco. As usual, you can always find something awesome in Chicago by visiting our events pages.

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