Chicago Weekend Preview: July 17 to July 19 2014

DJOYbeat Event Spotlight

Saturday, July 19: BT @ The Mid

The days of truly feel-good music seem to have faded throughout the years. Trance has slowly faded to big room, and house has faded to… well, big room. BT has been making music for longer than most DJs out there today, and it shows. He’s mastered chill and he continues to make the awesome grooves we love to dance to. He can bring what we want, and keep it his own each night. His radio shows are aurally encompassing, and The Mid is the perfect venue for those who truly appreciate what he does. This week’s Spotlight is the best thing Saturday has to offer, if you’re into phenomenal house/trance.

The Weekend Rundown

Thursday, July 17:

David Solano @ The Mid

This Colombian-born DJ has brought the best of his roots to a place where it is best presented. Now residing in Miami, David Solano is here to bring the best club beats we can shake our asses to at The Mid for Thursday night. Each Thursday night at The Mid is free with RSVP. Take advantage of this handsome hard-hitting hero.

Friday, July 18:

Sammy Bananas @ The Mid

Even though his name may be a little off the wall, his music is anything but silly. This Brooklyn-based DJ brings his many influences to the most intimate club in Chicago. If you’re trying to hear your favorite songs in their best form (remixed), let Sammy Bananas slip through your radar.

Clarian & Ari Frank @ Spybar

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to the rest of your weekend. Sometimes it takes a couple drinks to do so, sometimes it takes a few dance offs. Clarian’s smooth grooves, mixed with worldly variety, feel like you’ve just won the best of both worlds. Hit up Spybar if you’re looking to think outside the box in the best dance fashion. Set up the weekend for success by checking him out.

Objekt & DJ Shiva @ Smart Bar

The perfect name for a DJ, TJ Hertz, shouldn’t need to create another alias when making music. However, this wouldn’t really drive the point through as to what Objekt does. This Berlin-based genius does sound design like no one’s business. He can create a feel as well as a beat. If you’re looking to step your bounds of club music and expand your mind, check out Objekt at Smart bar with DJ Shiva.

Saturday, July 19:

Oscar G & Inphinity @ Spybar

Oscar G is one DJ inspired by the real original disc jockeys. You know, those guys who would actually spin records. He got his start in Miami, and has been bringing the plethora of influences and sounds the city has to offer for almost a decade. You can check out this versatile and passionate DJ at Spybar Saturday night if you looking to shake your “culo.”

Baggi Beovich & Amada @ Castle

Hailing from the electronic music capitol of the world, The Netherlands, Baggi Beovich is no stranger to what we really want. We want to find someone sexy, we want to dance, and we want to groove. This Dutch DJ has played some of the largest festivals in the world, and Castle is just the spot for such a big name. Head to your throne if you want to be treated like a king.

Jesse Marco @ Studio Paris

Studio Paris really knows how to get the sexiest people to play at their club. Coming to the Midwest from the east coast, Jesse Marco is no stranger to the sounds of the club. He’s mastered house beats and beyond like no one’s business, and we’re very OK with that. Did I mention he looks adorably suave? Don’t let that deter you, once he’s on those decks, he’ll melt your heart and your mind. He can smoothly mix hip-hop with Chvrches, and right back again. That is definitely something worth checking out.

Alrighty folks, again we give you the rundown on what you probably should be doing in Chicago this weekend. There’s a lot of variety out there, so don’t limit yourself to something you usually gravitate towards. Expand your mind, and shake your behind this weekend.

Didn’t find the right party for you? Check out our events pages for the complete listing of Chicago festivities.

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