Chicago Weekend Preview: June 5 to 7, 2014

During the summer, Chicago is teaming with music festivals, beer gardens, street fests, and parties for those 21+. While many street fests this weekend are just getting their beginning, they all seem to feature classic rock cover bands and general lameness catered to those who have an empty nest. For the rest of us who love to party until the sun comes up, Chicago seems kind of empty this weekend. While some may say we’re simply gearing up for summer, we’re convinced were gearing up for Spring Awakening Music Festival inside Soldier Field. Next week’s weekend preview is going to make this week look like someone got grounded. The best and the hardest of the electronic music world are all on their way, but they’re not here quite yet. Stay tuned for what’s in store next week, because we promise you Chicago is not this lame. Alas, with that being said, all is not lost and there are definitely some kick-ass shows and events to check out until Chicago is overrun with Kandi Kids and Hoodie Boys.

DJOYbeat Event Spotlight

Lindsey Stirling and Dia Frampton @ Riviera Theater, Friday June 6

Remember those slightly geeky, but really smart (and kind of cute) girls in choir and orchestra in high school? Well, Lindsey Stirling and Dia Frampton are perfect examples as to what happens when those girls grow up. These two extremely talented and beautiful ladies will be taking over the Riviera on Friday night. Both ladies have had a rapid rise to the top with their unique talents. Lindsey has managed to take the violin to the dub-step level. Tearing it up against heavy wobbles, she bridges a gap that we never could have dreamed of. Dia Frampton got her start as the runner up for the first season of The Voice, but she has graduated far beyond the stupidity of prime-time competition TV. Her voice is smooth and distinct and numerous groups have used her voice to perfect their singles. The Crystal Method featured Dia in their latest single, and she recently released a song with Lindsey Stirling called “We Are Giants.” We cannot agree more, these two female giants will not disappoint.

The Weekend Rundown

Thursday, June 5
Lucent Dossier Experience @ Concord Music Hall

When you go to a show, sometimes it gets a little mundane to watch someone simply strum, drum, or pluck their instruments. Well the Lucent Dossier Experience is just that, an experience. Imagine Cirque du Soleil meets Shpongle… definitely worth the trip!

Friday June 6
Mat Zo, Zebo, and Orville Kline @ The Mid

The intimate setting of The Mid is perfect for any show. Mat Zo is one of the most versatile trance and house DJs around today. He’s a staple in the Chicago area and beyond. Paired with Zebo Orville Kline, the night will leave you sore from dropping your ass with the beats.

Jaytech and Mario Florek @ Castle

Anyone on the Anjunabeats label knows how to make people dance. Jaytech is no different. This Australian progressive house DJ and producer loves what he does and we love it, too. Mario Florek is a household name in Chicago, and while he is consistently opening up for the best names in music, he is nothing short of a headliner.

Saturday June 7

Firebeatz and Bill Basil @ The Mid

Hailing all the way from Amsterdam and bringing a following from across the pond more massive than any other, Firebeatz bring big-room and Dutch house in the best way possible. The Mid will be bouncing into the late hours of the night with this powerful duo with Bill Basil.

Houselife featuring Inphinity + Kalendar @ Castle

Every city has their little pocket of house lovers, and every city dedicates one night a week (if not more) to bring all the house heads together for some much needed beats. Houselife is the event, and Castle is the perfect place to hold it. Inphinity will be bringing the grooves with Kalendar this Saturday.

Well there you have it folks, a small and slightly tame weekend for Chicago. With an overly quiet Sunday, we suggest you take that extra time to take it easy and plan your schedule for Spring Awakening Music Festival. We’ll be bringing you a rundown of all the pre and after parties so you don’t miss a beat.

If you want to see everything that’s going on in Chicago, visit our events pages here.

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