Chicago Weekend Preview, Spring Awakening Edition: June 12 to 15, 2014

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Spring Awakening Music Festival @Soldier Field, June 13 to 15

Music festival season in Chicago officially opens this weekend with one of the most highly anticipated electronic festivals of the year. In fact, it’s the only electronically-charged festival of its kind in the city. The festival will be taking place at the epic setting of Soldier Field, where the Chicago Bears proudly give it their all. What’s it like partying on the 50 yard line? The experience cannot be described in words, so just put it on the bucket list. This year’s headliners include Tiësto, Pretty Lights, Eric Prydz, Kaskade, Big Gigantic, Benny Benassi, Steve Aoki, Bingo Players, Flux Pavillion, Knife Party, Dillon Francis, and Diplo. All in one place, all in one weekend.

The festival this year has upped their stage game including the Bud Light Platinum Stage, The Equinox Stage, and The Hangar which showcases two music labels throughout the day, versus style. Friday will be Fool’s Gold vs OWSLA, Saturday; Dirtybird vs Relief Records, and Sunday; Buygore vs Dirty Dutch. These three stages will be giving festival go-ers a hard hitting dance fantasy. Along with the other stages this year, SAMF also brings as a silent disco. If a silent disco sounds lame, the acts that will be tearing it up are far from that, and one may suggest pulling the stick from your rear end. A silent disco is a unique way to connect to the people around you simply because the backdrop no longer matters, and music rules all.

Those residing in Chicago can tell you that Soldier Field is a very limited representation of what Chicago has to offer. So, this week’s weekend preview brings you the after parties for Spring Awakening Music Festival. Their locations are widespread throughout the city, and each show will have a different feel. Whether you’re into the high end side of the club scene, or the dirty bumping hole in the wall, these shows have everything one could ask for.

The Weekend Rundown

Friday June 13

Eric Prydz @ The Mid

Hailing from Sweden but working from LA, Eric Prydz brings the best house anyone could ask for. He’s had radio shows and podcasts under countless aliases and collaborations. Each time is just as good if not more inventive than the one before. Eric Prydz is constantly evolving, but never straying from what he does best.  Bumping The Mid, the bass may continue to vibrate your body for days to come, even if you never make it to SAMF.

Bingo Players @ Concord Music Hall

Concord Music Hall makes a point to bring people the best DJs who bring the best bangers to Chicago. Hailing from the Netherlands, Bingo Players have had a couple worldwide hits that sent them to the top. After the death of Paul Bäumer, his partner in crime Maarten Hoogstraten promised, by request, to continue on under the Bingo Players name. As they say, the show must go on. As the ultimate tribute, Maarten continues to tour the country and sell out shows. Show support for this heartfelt tribute at Concord.

Thomas Gold @ Concord Music Hall

Trance enthusiast and overall awesome DJ, Thomas Gold brings his big room house and trance to the sultry Studio Paris. His one objective is to make people dance and he does it flawlessly. His high energy builds make the crowd wince in anticipation, but groove hard once he drops the beat. If that Euro trance is something you’re into, he’s got it for you. Studio Paris is just the place for Thomas Gold, catch him if you’re not ready to turn it down after day 1.

Oliver @ Primary

Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein, aka Oliver (simple genius, right), are remixing gods, take anything and they can put their own spin to it. Their style is extremely versatile and no one can escape their dance-ability. Everything they come up with is catchy and extremely unique. At Primary on Friday feet will tap, booties will shake, heads will nod, and Oligee & U-Tern will bring down the house (pun intended).

Markus Schulz @ Castle

Markus Schulz knows his stuff. He’s been doing the whole DJ/producer thing for years. Mixing house, trance, and everything in between, he’s gone far beyond a household name in the dance scene. Castle is the perfect venue for this trance legend to really show his stuff. He blew Chicago away last year at Electric Daisy Carnival in Joliet. But with Joliet still living in the stone ages, they didn’t allow EDC to come back. However, everyone knows that great music will always return to great cities. SAMF and Castle prove that.

Saturday June 14th

Diplo & Zebo @ The Mid

Do you like trap? Do you wish you knew what everyone was talking about when they mention trap music? Well all your answers and prayers will be answered as the Mid gets down low for Diplo and Zebo Saturday. Saturday is usually the day of a festival when people throw all caution to the wind. The festival is in full swing and there’s another full day to party the day after. All the more reason to get deep and throw that booty to the ground. Grab a partner and bump and grind to Diplo.

Sander van Doorn & ArtyConcord Music Hall

If trap isn’t really your thing, maybe these trance gods will be. Sander van Doorn hails from the electronic capitol of the world, the Netherlands. He grew up with amazing influences and is following in his own path, but with perfect grace. Arty is the Russian titan who was famous before he could legally drink in the U.S. These world class guys have traveled from far and wide, and they will not disappoint. The emotion and heart built into trance should fill the Concord Music Hall with good vibes for the remainder of the weekend.

Andy C @ Evil Olive

The Evil Olive may be small, it may be subtle, but it definitely not quiet. Andy C will guarantee to continue that tradition as he fills the ever-so-foggy Olive with what he does best. Drum and Bass is Andy C’s forte, and across the pond (i.e. the UK) where the genre is a must have at any party, he’s a legend. Chicago knows where to put the right shows, and a drum and bass headliner at the Evil Olive is dangerously perfect. If you couldn’t get enough at SAMF, check out the Evil Olive on Saturday.

Tommy Trash Yacht Party @ Anita Dee

It’s hard to top a festival in a football stadium, right? Very very wrong! If partying on the 50 yard line was the best you could think of, have another slice of white bread and go to bed. Tommy Trash, the ultimate party machine, wants to party on a boat and gosh darn he will. Tommy Trash takes party to the next level when he adds a yacht and the great Lake Michigan. Take a ride on the Anita Dee for a party that will make your friends chartreuse with envy (that’s a fancy way of saying green).

Sunday June 15th

Kaskade @ The Mid

The Mid definitely saved their best for last. One of the biggest producers to come out of Chicago, Kaskade has been selling out shows since he started. His smooth and sultry music combined with much anticipated drops created a genre all in its own. Few can top this after party, but with the Mid being as intimate as it is, this one has been long sold out. Be sure to check out Kaskade close out SAMF if you didn’t grab a ticket to this one.

Steve Aoki, Nervo & Milk n’ Cookies @ Concord Music Hall

If you are afraid to get dirty, Concord Music Hall should not be your destination after SAMF Sunday. Known for throwing cake, crowd surfing in kiddie pools, and being an overall goofball on stage, Steve Aoki is not playing around when it comes to music. He is an innovative and unique producer that loves what he does and loves the ability to perform for his audience. While some may criticize his lack of live production, others love the energy he brings to any stage.

Dillon Francis @ Transit

Our favorite multiple-personality DJ/producer is here to bring everyone he has to offer to Transit the last night of SAMF. If you don’t want the party to stop, Dillon is a good way to keep it going. He’s going to bring you the best trap and dubstep you could ask for. If that wasn’t enough, maybe DJ Hanzel will go “von deepa.” If not, DJ RichAsFuck might just do something stupid. Make sure and take your #selfies at this one. Dillon Francis will probably be taking one, too.

Porn n’ Chicken @ Evil Olive

Yep, we said it. Porn. And. Chicken. This group has been bringing the best of both worlds combined with some awesome club music for years now. Local celebrities in Chicago and the surrounding area, these guys have weekly spots almost every day around the city. Why? Because where else would you want to be when you hear the words porn and chicken in one sentence?

Now, we know you can’t be a million places at once. Most of the biggest parties over lap if they fall on the same night. But, as long as you’re going to Spring Awakening Music Festival, you should be able to catch your favorites. If you’re not going to Spring Awakening, these after parties allow for a chance to see some of the best DJs and producers the festival, as well as the world, has to offer. Hitting up as many as possible is highly recommended, many of these acts don’t hit Chicago as much as one would hope. However all is not lost, because Spring Awakening has always done an amazing job of bringing the best local acts to one stage (or two in this case). Chicago is proud of its city, as well as  its people, and it shouldn’t be any other way.

Didn’t find a party for you? Check out our events page for the complete listing on parties in Chicago.


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