• City Nightclub

    Flashy, colorful and outrageous, the City Nightclub is on its way to becoming Adelaide's leading night scene! From disco balls to LED paneling systems, the venue is an electric club filled with Ade... View Venue
  • Red Square

    Welcome to Red Square, the best night-time entertainment venue in Adelaide. Located in the heart of the city's West End, Red Square has maintained its title as the best night-time entertainment throu... View Venue
  • HQ Complex

    HQ Complex is a one-stop shop for club and party goers. Comprised of 3 floors, it is the most popular entertainment center in Adelaide. If you feel like jumping from one bar to another, there's more t... View Venue
  • Mr Kim’s

    Rumored to be named after a former owner of the place, Mr Kim's is a sprawling nightclub/live venue for both talented bands and DJs. The place echoes this legacy in its decor while adding a unique, sl... View Venue
  • Electric Circus

    Welcome to the Electric Circus located in Adelaide. Basement, bar, nightclub and institution, this entertainment venue offers Adelaide's best nightlife. Come down on Thursdays, Saturdays and the... View Venue
  • Sugar

    Located in the lofts of the picturesque Rundle St, Suga... View Venue

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