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  • Supperclub-Amsterdam

    Something that burns on your retina, Supperclub is an experimental creative platform, it all just happens. Every evening, every performance must be different. How? That's up to Supperclub's performe... View Venue
  • Air

    AIR is a club in Amsterdam with an international look and feel. AIR represents entry tolerance, diversity, creativity, quality and freedom. AIR astonishes its guests with a variety of programming fo... View Venue
  • Paradiso

    From the beginning in 1968, audiences were dancing to live music at Paradiso. Paradiso was closed during the night and until the beginning of the eighties, there was no real club culture in The Nether... View Venue
  • The Sand

    The Sand is an attractive beachsport and events venue situated in Amsterdam. Although it's popular among sports and beach enthusiasts during the day, it transforms into a hot night... View Venue
  • Melkweg Amsterdam

    Situated in Amsterdam, the Melkweg is one of the Netherlands top music venues. Notorious for its programming, the Melkweg hosts 5 disciplines under one roof, music, dance/theater, cinema, photograp... View Venue
  • Westerunie

    Located in an industrial site in Waterpark, Westerunie is one of the leading nightclubs you'll find in Amsterdam. Containing 3 big dancefloors; there's always space for you to shake your booty and dan... View Venue
  • TrouwAmsterdam

    TrouwAmsterdam is a cosmopolitan meeting place where both lovers of international music and art as well as the residents in the local neighbourhood feel at home. The Trouw building, an old rough indus... View Venue

Supperclub in Amsterdam

The Supperclub is an exciting restro-club located in Jonge Roelensteeg, Amsterdam.

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