Mexico City
Local Time: 7:39 AM
  • El Plaza Condesa

    El Plaza Condesa is not a regular nightclub, but a multifunctional venue that hosts up to 1.900 people and that offers a varied range of events, from live concerts, to club nights, but also boxing mat... View Venue
  • Blue Parrot Beach Club

    Blue Parrot is a resort composed by three boutique hotels in Playa del Carmen, one of the most luxurious touristic destinations in Mexico DF. Inside of the resort you will find lot of activities to be... View Venue
  • Foro Reforma

    Foro Reforma is a place for spectacle, as they say about themselves. With one of the largest dance floors in Mexico D.F. it hosts up to 2.000 people, and it has an impressive sound system that delight... View Venue
  • Hookah Lounge

    Hookah offers four different venues under the same name and the same mood. Condesa is the main venue, and it is located in the heart of the Condesa district in D.F. It brings the perfect ambiance for ... View Venue
  • Rioma Club

    Rioma is a real myth on electro nightclubs in Mexico DF. It is located on the same space where the popular Mexican actor Cantinflas established a restaurant some decades ago. That's the reason why beh... View Venue
  • Fever Club

    Fever is a nightclub in Mexico DF with the scent of New York and London, so it is one of the most trendy clubs in the city, and there you will find lots of celebrities such as actors, models, artists ... View Venue
  • Auditorio Blackberry

    The Auditorio BlackBerry is hosted on a legendary building created by José Villagrán, a very renowned Mexican architect. It was established in 1952, and it hosted the "Cine Las Américas", a cinema ... View Venue