Local Time: 6:53 PM
  • New City Gas

    You want to reach out and grasp every moment of your life with an urgency that is real and tangible; it’s this simple fact that is inculcated deep within the very existence of New City Gas. It helps... View Venue
  • Time Supper Club

    Time Supper Club is an elegant space with plush soft interiors that are grand and exotic in their own right. Understate and muted tones of hush gold and dull beige grace this space in a way that is ro... View Venue
  • Circus Afterhours

    Circus Afterhours is considered one of the largest after-hours entertainment venues in Canada. Circus Afterhours touts 3 full rooms that bellow with the sound of electronic music and events from Thurs... View Venue
  • Metropolis

    With a cosmopolitan vibe this place is a mixture of all that is chic and urban. It a concert hall and that very fact alone draws hoards of people towards this place. Replete with technical equipment n... View Venue
  • Arena Nightclub

    Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Why not visit Arena Nightclub on your Saturday night? Some of the hottest DJs are playing the best music to satisfy a multitude of musical tastes. They be... View Venue
  • Velvet Speakeasy

    As you begin your journey underground on Rue Saint-Gabriel in Old Montreal you are about to enter a lounge area that resembles Paris' catacombs with exquisite cobblestone and a subterranean like atmos... View Venue
  • Club Soda

    This place offers you everything; from a great band to fabulous music and a crowd that is there to enjoy themselves to the maximum. It promises you to let you experience the time of... View Venue