The Crystal Method Celebrates 20 Years During EDC Week with 20 Qs

While there are many “superstar” DJs, there are few real legends in electronic music. Take The Crystal Method, for example. The pioneering duo originally hailing from Las Vegas has continued to stay relevant while spurring innovation in the scene. TCM, a.k.a Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, now celebrate 20 years together, including a gig during a week of events surrounding the biggest EDM festival of the year, Electric Daisy Carnival.

Sure, I could tell you about TCM’s ground-breaking album Vegas, but if you don’t know about it, just read my archived interview with them from 2007 (my first official DJ interview actually). Or there’s the time we tried to do an interview mid-flight. We’ve talked about our favorite vodka mixers, growing up in Vegas (see video at the end of this article), and touched base in the studio for their new self-titled album. So with all that info—and the guys always being asked the same biographical questions by n00b EDM bloggers who apparently never check Wikipedia—we decided to have a bit of fun. Jordan answered 20 (mostly) random questions in honor of 20 years of TCM when we hopped on the phone once again before they rock out at Drai’s Beach Club & Nightclub on June 17.

1. First and foremost, a little bit for a good cause: Why should people join the Electronic Music Alliance, of which you’re one of the founders?

Because EMA will save the world! Well, it’ll save the rave by ravers saving the world! [Laughs] That’s what I think.

2. What was the best gig you played specifically in Vegas?

I’d have to say it was probably the first EDC in Vegas; that was great. But way back when I would have to say it was at Utopia. You can see us playing at Utopia in the original “Busy Child” video. We look like little kids.

3. Worst Vegas gig ever?

[Laughing] There was some television show on Fox that was an awards show. For some reason they had an after-party where they had us playing. So we were playing for really old executives and their families, and we’re just playing [imitates electronic music and F-bombs] and people are coming up and saying “Hey, can you play, like, Celine Dion” and stuff like that. And we’re like “NO! BLAAAM!” and they fired us halfway through the set. That was great.

4. Paper or plastic?


5. Marry, boff or kill, gimmick DJ edition: DJ Crystal Hefner, Paris Hilton, or that old granny DJ?

Boff Crystal Hefner. Kill Paris Hilton. Marry granny!

6. Deadmau5 or Avicii?


7. Fatburger or In-N-Out?


8. Empire Ballroom or Utopia?


9. Chris Cox or Thunderpuss?

Chris Cox—we’ll they’re both the same, but I like Chris.

10: Which phrase is worse: “Killin’ it” or “Destroyed the dancefloor”?

Destroyed the dancefloor.

11. Last book read?

Andrew Weil’s The Marriage of the Sun and Moon.

12. How many stars would you give that book?

Five stars.

13. Who would play you in a movie?

Of course I want Brad Pitt to play me, but the entire world thinks Kevin Spacey should play me. They’d have to play us coming up, like Jersey Boys, no one cares about when someone makes it, they want to know the story on the way.

14. Dream collaboration, alive or dead?

Stevie Wonder.

15: Las Vegas High Wildcats or Rancho Rams?


16. UFO pants or tutus?


17. Favorite club kid?

James St. James!

18. Would you ever go all Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on someone?

Wow, that would take extreme heartbreak. No, I don’t have anyone I’d go there with.

19. DJ Shadow or Pretty Lights?

Oh man, it’s hard to answer that one on the record. I’m just gonna say Pretty Lights.

20. Is Big Brother watching?

He absolutely is.

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