Random Promo of the Day: Denzal Park’s “One Way Home” is a One Way Ticket Down Memory Lane

I’d never taken the time to listen to DZP. The name was too frequently thrown around by college frat-boys and European swole-bros for me to take them seriously. I figured it was just another run-of-the-mill electro house artist (the kind with that uses the same frenetic buildup, predictable drop, and obnoxious sirens and flangers in every quote-on-quote banger). I even thought it just one guy.

And then I stumbled upon this. I’m not sure why I opened the email, sandwiched as it was in my inbox amidst dozens of promos. A hardcore Evermore fan back in my high school days, I saw Jon Hume’s name and I pressed play. I fell in love, and decided to do my research.

Australian duo Denzal Park is perhaps best known for their versatility in the studio and the rare ability to produce the kind of remixes that eclipse originals. In their latest tune, Kam Denny and Paul Zala combine soaring synths with Evermore front man Jon Hume’s longing vocals. Once the beat picks up, it’s easy to see why the duo has an APRA award under their belt and the support of countless international dance music legends at their back. Warm and delicate piano chords envelope Hume’s voice, before the track vaults into euphoric big-room melodies. The chorus may only consist of five words (“there’s only one way home”), but the result is a truly captivating anthem with a sound massive enough for a large-scale festival performance. Released May 26 via Neon Records, this one will have you reminiscing over WMC 2014. Visit Beatport.com to download your copy or to check out the official remixes by Arston, WasteLand, Marek and Fear of Dawn.

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