Dirty South Needs YOU for a Film Project

seethealbumAdmit it, being in a music video is on your bucket list. And thanks to Dirty South, you could be a step closer.

The Serbian-born, Australian-bred DJ/producer born Dragan Roganović (which, admit it, is a way cooler name than “Dirty South”) will be taking to the streets of his adopted home Los Angeles to make a film to accompany his forthcoming album. The as-yet-to-be-named project will find Dirty South stepping behind the camera and creating a cinematic interpretation of the music for three weeks this month. That’s where you come in: he needs a handful of passionate fans to become part of the album’s accompanying film. Just make sure you’ll be available for a full day of shooting on Monday, March 10. Sign up here for consideration. SeeTheAlbum. HearTheMovie. BePartOfIt.

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