Dirtyphonics Talk Dirty Army Love and the Upcoming Techno Parade

Charly and Pitchin of Dirtyphonics stopped to talk to DJOYbeat after their genre-bending set at Electric Zoo’s Hilltop Stage. If you’re not familiar with the Parisians just yet, fix that soon. Not only are these guys excited to play their music, but they can’t wait to rep the Dirty Army as well. Check out what’s going on with Dirtyphonics.

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To be a Dirtyphonics show you need that certain kind of brand of “dirty.” How do you define that?
Repping the Dirty Army!

Repping the Dirty Army!

Charly: It’s a Dirtyphonics set when you have that level of energy. Since we started that project, we’ve done a little of everything. Whether it’s drum ‘n’ bass, electro, dubstep, anything. It was what was important when we went to shows, and now we want to deliver it to our fans. You know, that energy. That in your face, we’re going to grab you and take you on a journey through bass music. We play the music that we like.

You can see it from your set at EZoo.

Pitchin: The thing is, since the beginning when we were ravers, we’d get bored hearing six, eight hours of the same style. I would love┬áto have an hour of drum ‘n’ bass, two hours of techno, two hours of dubstep and-

Charly: That’s a five hour set.

We’ll find a way to get a stage for the day.
Charly and Pitchin showing the perfect #BassFace

Charly and Pitchin showing the perfect #BassFace

Charly: That’s what we need! [Laughs]

You guys are connected to the Techno Parade back home as this year’s ambassadors. What would you want to get out about the Techno Parade?

Charly: What’s awesome this year is that is like the electronic music version of the love/pride parade with trucks with DJs on them playing music all through Paris. Everyone’s dancing, drinking and having a good time. As far as we know it, it’s centered around house music and techno, that four-on-the-floor thing. In the 128 BPM area. By choosing us as the ambassadors this year, they are opening up to bass music… To see that they are opening the genres on the music and recognizing that kids like a bunch of everything it’s a great step forward. We’re proud to be those ambassadors for them.

Pitchin: They’ve been doing this for, like, 20 years. We feel like we are getting recognition from our fathers. It’s been such a long time pushing electronic music. It’s great exposure.

Charly: We’ll be able to play two sets in the day [September 13]. Plus, our friends like Datsik and Zomboy get to join us.

What else can we expect from Dirtyphonics?

Pitchin: We released our collaboration with Zeds Dead on their EP called Where Are You Now a few months ago that’s getting a good response. Now, we’re working on our new EP. It’ll be out…

Charly: …Sometime. [Laughs.] Basically, 90 percent of the music is written and ready to go. We’re just waiting on some vocals and collaborations to happen. But man, we’re really excited. Since the album, we’ve released a bunch of remixes and collaborations, but this is our biggest body of work since then. We really wanted to bring a big body of work and explore our EP this time.

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